RCD Keeps Tripping

The worst thing to deal with is sudden electricity shut off. In most cases, it happens because to RCD keeps tripping. If you’re facing this issue, here are the 5 potential reasons:

  • Faulty or low-quality appliance
  • Moisture or dampness in sockets
  • Wiring issue and short circuit
  • Multiple high-load appliances on a single circuit
  • Faulty RCD

Faulty RCD is one of the main reasons for home fires. That’s why it is essential to get a proper professional inspection as soon as possible. But before you hire a professional, we want you to read this article for in-depth knowledge. 

Your Quick Brief On What Is RCD

It is a residual current device for safety. It automatically switches off when there is any fault with power, i.e. power goes up beyond a certain level. It monitors the current in lower voltage circuits and tips down to prevent any short circuit.

Why Does My RCD Keep Tripping?

Whether your RCD is tripping after a few hours or even when nothing is plugged in, the three main common reasons are faulty wiring, dampness, or overload on a single circuit.


That’s why most ovens and boilers trip the rcd. Tumble dry is yet another high-power-consuming appliance, another potential appliance that can lead to tripping rcd.

Let us guide you in detail about all the potential reasons behind tripping rcd before we move to solutions:

1. Your Appliance Is Faulty

One of the main reasons behind tripping the fuse box is a fault in the appliance. The possible faults can be:

  • Issue with circuit
  • Damaged cord
  • Faulty insulation
  • Internal wiring issue

Any of the reasons will result in current leakage to the ground. Eventually, you’ll end up with a fuse shutdown.

2. Moisture In Walls And Dampness In Sockets

Both moisture and dampness can conduct electricity and cause leakage. As soon as the RCD detects leakage, it will trip down and break the energy flow circuit to prevent any fire eruption.

3. Faulty Wiring And Frequent Short Circuits

Frayed wires and loose connections are the result of faulty wiring. It must be fixed by a professional to avoid any mishap in future. When it comes to short circuits, water and moisture in wiring can also cause the tripping rcd

4. You’re Using Too Old Appliances

Don’t get me wrong, but old appliances consume more energy. When you plug in multiple appliances (tumbler, oven, central system and more), it will result in a sudden surge in electricity flow, resulting in faulty RCD due to loose wires.

The solution for it is to use the best energy-rated tumble dryers and other appliances. All other appliances use less energy compared to it. So, always buy an appliance with the most energy-efficient rating. 

5. Your RCD Is Defective 

Like all other appliances, RCD also downgrades over time. It can be defective or have a fault, resulting in tripping again and again. If your rcd keeps tripping every few hours. Then you need to replace the unit.

But, What Should You Do?

Being a professional electrician, I strongly suggest you not deal with any electric appliance directly. Always hire a professional to resolve any issue. The only thing you should do before the professional service arrives is to unplug all appliances. 

What To Do If RCD Keeps Tripping Every Few Hours?


There are five possible solutions for tripped RCD switches. We have tested all the solutions and picked the safest solutions. Here’s what you should do:

1. Unplug All The Appliances Gradually

This should be your first and foremost step. Unplug all the devices from the circuit protected by the RCD switch. This will balance the current flow, and your problem will be resolved.

2. You Can Also Reset The RCD

If you’ve faced this issue for the first time, then resetting the rcd switch might help. Moreover, if it trips again, then there is no problem with wiring or appliances; the RCD itself is faulty.

3. Time To Reconnect Appliances

As mentioned in the problem section, any appliance might have a fault. So, reconnecting devices and appliances one by one will identify the main culprit, i.e. defective appliances. 

In my personal experience, washing machines consume most of the energy, and if it’s old, tripping will be frequent. So, to avoid this problem (for once and all), get an A+ energy-rated washing machine.

4. Check The Wiring (Don’t Try If You’re Not Professional)

Your home wiring can be old and worn out. The current leaks are due to faulty wiring, and as a result, RCD trips down to protect the appliance from short circuits and sudden fire eruptions.

5. Get The Professional Help (Ultimately The Best Solution)

A professional repairman will inspect all the issues. Mostly, electricians charge around £150 to £200 in the UK per appointment. But let me assure you that it is worth every single penny. A professional repairman will highlight and resolve all the problems effectively.

Nothing Plugged In, But RCD Keep Tripping – What Should I Do?

If nothing is plugged in and your rcd switch trips down after a few hours, you need to check the electric wiring and replace the rcd unit (get professional help). If the RCD shuts down at night, then one of your appliances connected to the circuit is faulty.

To conclude the answer, it is safe to say that “short circuit” is the main problem. As in both cases (mentioned above), the circuit will break, and rcd will trip down.

RCD Switch Tripped FAQs

Why Is My Boiler Tripping The RCD?

The thermostat of the boiler is faulty. If the rcd trips after a few minutes of boiler usage, the internal components are damaged. Mostly, the damp thermostat is the main problem for continuous tripping.

Why Does My RCD Keep Tripping At Night?

You might have a faulty appliance plugged in if the rcd keeps on tripping at night. Hire a professional electrician and check the energy consumption, sockets, and switches.

What Causes RCD To Trip But Not MCB?

RCD switch is very sensitive, and after detecting even a minor current leakage will trip it. On the contrary, MCBs can bear more energy and won’t trip until the leakage crosses its power limit.

Wrapping It Up!

In the end, power leakage is the main culprit here. Even a minor power leakage will break the circuit, and this will trip the RCD switch. 

However, you can fix it yourself by resetting the switch. But it’s best to hire a professional to check and find any loose wiring, faulty sockets or dampness in the thermostat. 

We hope with this article, we were able to help you out with all possible problems and solutions. If you have any more questions or queries, do tell us. In the meantime, be safe and don’t deal with it directly if you’re not experienced enough.

Mr. Grey is the tech geek of our company. Everyone loves to consult him before any project. With 10 years of experience, he knows all ins and outs of the UK energy cap. He is a true workaholic who also entertains us with his singing skills.

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