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SSE Energy Review

With over 5 million domestic gas and electricity consumers, SSE is one of the biggest energy companies in the U.K. 

Who Are SSE Energy Suppliers?

It was formed in 1947, from Scotland as Southern Electricity Board before renaming it to Southern Electric. 

Twenty years ago, it merged with Scottish Hydro. Since then, Atlantic SWALEC, and Airtricity have become part of SSE.

Who Are SSE Energy Suppliers
Who Are SSE Energy Suppliers

In January 2020, the OVE group bought its customer. Being part of the OVE group, SSE energy is the second biggest energy supplier of the Big 6 gas and electricity companies.

What is The SSE Standard Tariff? 

SSE standard rates are as follows:

SSE has multiple tariff plans. But, the standard plan has the electric and gas unit at 16.83p per kWh and 3p per kWh respectively. 

Electricity and gas standing charges are 23.51p per kWh and 26.08p per kWh.

Energy CostPrice
Electricity Unit Rate16.83p per kWh
Gas Unit Rate3p per kWh
Electricity Standing Charges23.51p per kWh
Gas Standing Charges26.08p per kWh

According to the standard SSE tariff, a consumer has to pay here is the estimated cost.

Estimated CostCharges
Monthly£85 – £90
Annual£1,020 – £1,030
Early Exit FeeN/A (On Standard Charges)

Have a quick look at Electricity Prices per kWh in the U.K 2022. This will help you to have a complete understanding of the Average Bill of a 3 Bedroom House.

SSE Energy Complete Review: What Customers Have to Say!

SSE energy was doing wonders with excellent customer services and plan zero-type initiative, but that was years ago.Only 23% of its energy came from renewable sources. The company is on this thin ice.

Citizen Advice has placed SSE in 15th position out of the 22 best energy suppliers in the U.K for its July to September 2021 report. 

SSE Energy Complete Review
SSE Energy Complete Review

Customer reviews are mostly bad on TrustPilot. Half of the reviews are on poor customer service.

Reviewers on Which? Have mixed feelings about SSE complaints handling and other services.

Recent Customer Reviews.

An SSE Energy Customer Recently Posted On

“I’ve never dealt with anywhere so incompetent, inept, disorganized, and incompetent in my entire life. You hear bad things about energy providers as it is, and unfortunately, they’ve confirmed this with me 10xs over.”

A Customer Writes:

SSE is a complete and utter joke.


Is SSE A Good Energy Supplier?

Statistics have shown that SSE is a below-average energy supplier.

Even with a green initiative and SSE smart meters, its performance is not good.

Most consumers have mixed reviews on customer services and negative reviews on complaint handling.

Furthermore, you can check more reviews from

All the negative comments cannot determine the final status.

Recently the second largest energy supplier from the big six has been doing hard to cope with the challenges.

Awards And Appreciations.

In 2021, SSE won three Uswitch energy awards, Interestingly for

  1. Best Customer Service.
  2. Best Meter Reading Service.
  3. Best Smart Meter Service.

No Doubt, even in challenging times, SSE/OVE energy has been growing and improving its services constantly.Uswitch gave SSE 3 stars out of 5. This rating was based on an independent survey conducted by YouGov.This survey includes 17000 respondents from all over the U.K, and it was one of its kind.

SSE Energy Rating:

Service TypeRating
Average Call Wait Time    ★★☆☆☆ (Over 8 Minutes Wait)
Email Responded Within 48 Hours★☆☆☆☆ (10% – 12% only)
Bill Accuracy in Past Year★★★★☆
Bill Clarity★★★☆☆
Complaint Handling★★☆☆☆
Customer Service★★☆☆☆
Switching Within 15 Days★★★★☆

What Tariff Plans Does SSE Offer?

SSE offered three fixed and one variable-rate tariff.

What Tariff Plans Does SSE Offer
What Tariff Plans Does SSE Offer

1-Fixed-Rate Tariff Plans.

  • Fixed-rate tariff plans come with either one or two years of fixed rates.
  • A smart meter is included in the fixed-rate tariff.

2-Variable-Rate Tariff.

  • This plan comes with bundled options to choose from.
  • It has an SSE smart home package.
  • The smart home package comprises a Nest Thermostat E and a Goggle Nest Mini.

Does SSE offer its consumers smart meters?

Yes, this energy supplier offers smart meters. Even SSE urges its electricity and gas costumes to upgrade to smart meters.

Click here to schedule your smart meter installation. 

How SSE Does The Business Tariffs?

SSE services provide business tariffs to all types of companies. The rates depend on

  1. Size of Company.
  2. Location.
  3. Energy Requirements.
  4. Peak Energy-Consuming Hours.
  5. No of Sites or Branches.

SSE Energy in NEWS.

Lately, in 2020 & 2021, this energy supplier has been over the news but for all the wrong reasons.

1- For Not Publishing Inside Information.

  • In September, OFGEM fined SSE £2.06 million for not fulfilling its commitment of publishing the details about the wholesale energy it generates. Source: The Icon.

2- For Not Meeting The Target.

  • In August, SSE had to pay £1.2 million in compensation for failing to achieve its smart meter installation target in 2019. Source: The Current.

Things are pretty bad for this significant giant energy supplier of the U.K. From losing millions of profit in 2018 to paying back the overcharged money in 2021.

3- Overcharging Inquiry.

  • OFGEM opens an overcharging inquiry against SSE generation and SHB. Source: The Guardian

4-Paying Back.

  • SSE energy Ove pays over £900,000 back to its 132,620 affected customers.


Even with all the negative reviews and poor complaint handling service, SSE is still coping with all the challenges.

Its smart meters are accurate, and the carbon zero initiative is a cherry on top.

A better but not the best option – because 5 million can’t be wrong.

Overall it is a moderate energy supplier in the U.K. 

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