Electrical Safety Certificate Cost

An EICR certificate is a detailed report on the condition of electrical systems and installation in residential complexes and commercial buildings. It is done to ensure the safety of appliances.

But how much does an electrical safety certificate cost? If you’re searching for this, here’s your quick answer:

Obtaining an electrical safety certificate for an average-sized home will cost you between £150 to £230. The EICR cost differs depending on the size of the property.

For landlords, the cost of the electrical safety certificate is different. So, sit back and let us guide you through all the ins and outs of EICR certificate costs.

1. How Much Does An EICR Certificate Cost In the UK?

It will cost about £150 to £230. However, there is no fixed answer as the actual cost mainly depends on the size of the property.


Have a quick look at the tangle given below for a better understanding:

# of RoomsTotal CostTime Required For Test
1 – 2£100 – £1501 – 2 Hours
3 – 5£120 – £1602 – 3 Hours
6 – 10£180 – £2004 – 5 Hours
11 – 15£210 – £2507 – 8 Hours
15+£260 – £35010+ Hours

Furthermore, you also have to pay the labour fee, which can sum up to £250 per day or £60 per hour.

If you are contracted with a company, then you don’t have to pay a separate labour fee as it will be covered in the total cost.

How Long Is the EICR Certificate Valid For?

The electrical safety certificate is valid for 5 years in the UK. That’s why landlords and residents must get the EICR as soon as possible. Moreover, keep in mind that getting an EICR is mandatory and required before you list a property for rent.

2. Types Of Electrical Safety Certificates

EICR is mainly of 3 types. From general checking to deep reports, this safety certificate is divided into these categories: 

  • Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificates
  • Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Part P Notification Reports

EICR and Part P are the two most common applied tests. However, in three tests, wiring and deep analysis are integral components.

3. How Often Do I Need An EICR Certificate?

For residential properties, it must be done once every 3 years. In commercial space or factories, the EICR must be carried at least once every 5 years.


However, there are several factors that affect the time period. For example, if the wiring is rough or too old, you need to conduct tests more often. Also, if there is a huge load on a single socket constantly, the test must be done every 6 months.

Keep in mind that currently, there is no law in the UK that states the need for an electrical safety certificate. But, if you’re planning to sell your home or rent an apartment, it is best to get the EICR certificate.

4. Factors Affecting The Electrical Safety Certificate

There are 6 major factors that can either pile up or cut the cost. Usually, the base amount remains the same. But, due to excessive labour costs or home size, the cost will pile up. 

Size Of Your Home

As mentioned earlier, it is the core factor. Usually, the EICR is carried depending on the number of rooms in your home. With few rooms (1-2), the cost will be between £100 – £150. While for the 5+ rooms, you’ll have to pay over £350.

Not only this but with more rooms you’ll have to pay more money in labour fees too. That will cost up to £50 to £60 for two rooms while £200 for over 5 rooms.

The Type Of EICR Test

The domestic test is more affordable as compared to the commercial one. This is because, in homes, there are fewer appliances and sockets as compared to appliances at the domestic level.

Moreover, if there is any fault with domestic home wring, it can be fixed within a few hours. If there is a problem with commercial wiring, it will take days to fix it.

Your Location

Hiring labour is costly in city centres. London is the most expensive city to hire a certified engineer. Overall, you’re expected to pay 20% more in city centres as compared to small towns.

On the contrary, finding a certified engineer for an electrical safety certificate in cities is easy compared to faraway towns. So, it’s both perks and cons for every location.

The Labour Cost

Hiring a certified electrician is expensive. Moreover, if your appliances are easy to access, the test can be conducted easily. If there are any boards or sockets that are not easily accessible, the electrician will charge additional money.

You can cut the additional costs by opting for the local electricians and asking them for a discount. In the best-case scenario, you’ll get a 15% to 20% discount, which will be beneficial to you.

Can I Conduct an Electrical Safety Test Myself?

No, EICR can only be conducted by certified electricians. However, EICR is not a government regulation, but it must be carried out by a professional as per UK electricity rules and regulations. 

Wrapping It Up!

An electrical safety certificate is essential and ensures that all your appliances are safe to use. It also eliminates any threat of fire. There is no fixed cost for the EICR as it varies depending on the size of your home and the number of appliances.

The landlord’s electrical safety certificate cost is usually high as compared to normal domestic tests. Keep in mind that the EICR is not mandatory by law but conducting it regularly increases the value of your home.

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