Average Electric Bill For 3 Bedroom House

 Energy consumption of gas and electricity resources can vary throughout the year. The bills you have to pay for energy consumption depend on various factors. Although nobody likes to spend, then they have to for the services. 

In this case, it can be pretty challenging to calculate the number of charges you are paying for energy consumption. The energy suppliers may or may not be charging you more than you should be paying for the services.

This article will discuss all the factors that would help you find the average costs of your electricity and gas bills. Our guide will help you choose better energy services and save more on your electricity and gas bills.

Average Electric Bill For a 3 Bedroom House
Average Electric Bill For a 3 Bedroom House

What Are The Average Gas And Electricity Bills For A 3-Bedroom House?

  • The average electricity bill for a 3-bedroom house in the UK should be approximately £617 per year, about £52 per month.
  • The average gas bill for a 3-bedroom house in the UK should be approximately £557 per year, about £46 per month.

These rates are approximate calculations under the dual-fuel variable tariff by UK energy regulator Ofgem. Thus, the electricity and gas bills can depend on various factors, such as the region of your house. 

In other factors, the environmental conditions may also affect your electricity and gas bills. As gas consumption significantly increases in winters. Due to which gas bills are higher than electricity bills even though electricity is more expensive per unit.

Why is the 3 Bed House Electricity Bill High?

The average electricity bill of a 3-bedroom house can be significantly more than a one- or two-bedroom house as the energy consumption per room increases.

Due to the rise in electricity consumption of appliances per room, you ultimately affect your electricity bill.

If you are using electricity as your primary heating source, it may result in high electricity charges per month. The number of residents living in the 3-bedroom house can also affect the electricity consumption and bills.

Besides the consumption, the wholesale price of the electricity can also affect your bills. The wholesale price is the rate at which your supplier is purchasing electricity.

The location where your 3-bedroom house is located can also increase or decrease your bills.

What is the size of an Average-Sized UK House?

An average-sized house in the UK consists of 3 to 4 bedrooms, approximately 730 sq ft in size. The size factor can be in the form of any property, such as a house or an apartment.

The area or size of your property can drastically affect your energy consumption.

The average house in the UK can be categorized into various property types. These property types may have the same number of rooms, but they may defer in terms of area.

The built structure can also define the area your property is consuming. For example, detached homes consume more than semi-detached homes.

How Do Electricity Tariffs Affect My Bill?

A tariff is an amount charged by the energy supplier based on the customer’s criteria for consuming energy services. These charges are defined by various factors such as type of load, time at which energy is consumed, and the amount of energy consumed.

In general, industrial consumers have to pay more tariffs as compared to house/home-based consumers. Down below, we have discussed some tariffs and how they affect the electricity bills:

  • Peak-load Tariff: Peak load tariff charges depending on the highest or lowest power consumption every month. In this type, average rates are calculated, and the price swings in the highest or lowest point of electricity consumption.
  • Straight-line meter: Straight line meter generates bills precisely as the customer consumes the energy. No extra peak charges are included, unlike the peak-load tariff.

The standard variable energy consumers and dual fuel consumers have a significant difference in tariffs. According to Ofgem, the consumers who switched from standard variable energy saved more by offering cheaper deals such as green energy or dual fuel. 

3 Bed House Electricity & Gas Usage

The billing criteria of services and maintenance charges can be included in tariffs which depend on your energy provider. The electricity bills are not entirely dependable on extra charges or tariffs, but they rely on your usage.

3 Bed House Electricity & Gas Usage
3 Bed House Electricity & Gas Usage

Below we have discussed the annual consumption of electricity and gas for a 3-bedroom house:

Annual Consumption of Gas and Electricity 3-bedroom house


Usage (kWh


Dual Fuel









Annual Consumption Of Gas And Electricity (Comparison of size)


Usage (kWh


1-2 bedrooms

Gas: 8,000 kWh

Electricity: 2,000 kWh


3-4 bedrooms

Gas: 12,500 kWh

Electricity: 3,100 kWh


5+ bedrooms

Gas: 18,000 kWh 

Electricity: 4,600 kWh


Why Have Electrical Bills increased Over The Past Years?

A significant increase in gas and electricity prices was observed after the Covid-19 pandemic hit in the UK. The economic state around the globe suffered a lot due to which prices soared. Many energy providers charged more.

The increase in electrical bills also depends on how long you have been loyal to the energy supplier. If you have not switched your energy provider in a while, you may be paying more than usual.

As there are cheaper tariffs available in the market. So, if you are stuck with the standard value tariff, there is a chance that you are being charged more than you should have.

What Are The Ways To Reduce Electric Consumption Beside Cheap Tariffs?

There are several ways you can go for better options in terms of saving electricity. These options are better for saving resources as well as your money:

  • Switch to Gas from Electricity: Living in the UK means you may have to keep your homes warm during winters. Go for gas energy resources to support your room’s warmth instead of an electrical conditioning system as gas is much cheaper per unit than electricity. Therefore, gas consumption for heating may not cost as much as electricity for the heat source.
  • Reduce your thermostat: The air conditioning system consumes a constant amount of energy throughout the year, especially during summers. A thoughtful way to save energy is to turn down your thermostat to a standard temperature.
  • Unplug Appliances: Remove the plugs from the power outlets of appliances like TV or computers. Even when the electrical appliances are on standby mode, they can consume 30% of the energy.
What Are the Ways to reduce Electric Consumption Beside Cheap Tariffs
What Are the Ways to reduce Electric Consumption Beside Cheap Tariffs

How Can I Save my Electricity Bills?

Saving electricity bills can vary on your daily routine and living habits. It’s not always dependable on energy providers or prices. But you can follow some intelligent ways to save more on electricity.

  • Solar Power: Now, this might seem like an expensive option, but solar panels may save a fortune on electricity bills. Solar power grabs natural energy from the sun and provides sufficient electricity for your 3-bedroom house.
  • Energy-saving appliances: Buying energy-saving appliances can save you a lot of money on electricity bills. High power-consuming devices such as refrigerators or ovens can consume a lot of energy. Therefore, make sure to choose a smart energy-saving product from the manufacturers.
  • Reduce the lights: Turn off the lights or ceiling in unoccupied rooms. In this way, you can save little energy, but it can make a significant difference in your yearly budget.


The electricity appliances can vary from time to time depending on the economic state. The majority of properties consist of 3-bedrooms in the United Kingdom, and thus it isn’t easy to figure out the average bills. These charges vary from region and build of the house. Therefore, choosing innovative options for saving energy can be helpful.

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