Pat Testing Cost Guide

PAT testing is crucial and ensures that the electric equipment is safe to use, and maintained to prevent any possible danger.

In this article, we’ll guide you in detail about:

  • How much does PAT testing cost?
  • PAT testing cost per item
  • How often should PAT testing be done?

Moreover, we will also tell you why it’s important and who carried out the testing. So, let’s begin!

1. Cost Of PAT Testing In the UK

A test conducted by professionals will cost you anywhere between £80 to £120 (£1 to £2 per item). Usually, the average cost depends on two factors:

  • Fixed Batch Fee
  • Additional Per Item Fee

Apart from that, you also have to pay a labour fee which varies from company to company. Some professionals or companies charge per hour, while others charge per day prices.

However, there is no set price as a labour fee. But, normally, professionals charge £50 per hour or £350 to £400 per day if the number of appliances exceeds over 70.

Keep in mind that the cost mentioned above is not a final price as it is expected to change depending on your location, labour expatriates, number of appliances, and overall negotiations. 

2. PAT Testing Cost Per Item

You’ll have to pay £1 to £2 per item. Usually, the actual price differs depending on the nature, quality, and condition of the item. A minimum of 10 items are required before hiring a professional. 


Have a look at the table given below for a better understanding of PAT testing depending on the number of Items.

Number Of AppliancesAverage CostLabour Cost (per hour)Total Cost Per PAT Test
10£20 – £30£30 – £50£50 – £80
Up to 20£50 – £80£30 – £50£80 – £130
Up to 50£100 – £150£30 – £50£130 – £200
Up to 70£140 – £210£20 – £40£160 – £250
Up to 100£200 – 300£20 – £40£220 – £340
Up to 150£300 – £450£20 – £40£320 – £500

The more qualified professionals, the more you have to pay. Generally, engineers charge more. 

Regular households mostly have under 20 appliances, and mostly it takes 30 minutes to check them all. So, in a nutshell, for household appliances PAT testing, an amount of £80 to £130. 

PAT Testing Cost For Landlords

Landlords with multiple homes are required to conduct PAT testing before renting. Landlords end up paying £400 to £550 for more than 300 appliances. The cost piled up due to more appliances, required time, and in-depth checking. 

3. PAT Testing Procedure

The professional testing includes both visual (external) and electric components (internal) checking.

These procedures are carried out to ensure that all home appliances, internal wiring, and safety fuse are working perfectly.

Visual Testing Includes

  • Checking plug casing
  • Finding any visible damages
  • Checking wiring and fusing ratings
  • Securing terminals and joints (if any)
  • Fixing any overheating issues
  • Finding dampness that may result in tripping RCD after every few hours

Deep Electric Checking Involves

  • Testing earth continuity
  • Finding any current leakage
  • Testing insulation resistance

Moreover, the type of appliances also impacts deep electric checking. For example, fridges, heaters, and toasters are checked more deeply.

4. PAT Testing Cost Based On Appliances Class

Household appliances are broadly divided into three classes. Each class is then sub-categorised based on size and electricity consumption.


Have a quick look at the table given below for a detailed understanding:

Class TypeItemsCost Per ItemLabour Cost
Class 1Heaters, Microwaves, Fridges, Toasters£3 – £5£1 – £2
Class 2TV, Computers, Irons, Hair Dryers£1 – £2£1
Class 3Laptops, Mobile Phones, Charging Lights£1 – £2£1

Class 1 is the highest priority, and electricians check these items thoroughly. Usually, these are large and hefty daily-use appliances that can release the current due to any damage.

How Often Should PAT Testing Be Done?

PAT testing must be carried out at least once a year. However, it’s best to check the daily use of class 1 appliances twice a year. 

5. Three Factors That Affect The PAT Testing Cost

As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed cost. The actual price may differ depending on your location, appliance class, and additional checking.

Suppose during testing, the certified professional may find something unusual, resulting in more price. 

Number And Class Of Appliances

Annual PAT tests for class A equipment are expensive. As for the general rule of thumb, the more large appliances you have, the more you have to pay.

Moreover, Class A equipment is tested thoroughly, which takes more time, adding up the hourly labour fee.

Your Geographical Location

Though it may seem minimal, your location can also pile up the end prices. Cities are more expensive as compared to small towns.

City residents are expected to pay at least 20% more for basic testing. But, this does come with a perk as you can find the certified professional easily.

Any Additional Work

Pretty simple, with more work, you have to pay more labour fees. In most cases, loose and worn-out wiring adds up to both cost and extensive labour work. 

Why Is PAT Testing Important?

Conducting PAT tests is important to prevent electrical accidents at home or in commercial places. The testing ensures that the equipment is safe to use and doesn’t leak current.

Wrapping It Up!

If you’re planning to carry out PAT testing, keep a budget of £200 to £300 aside. The actual cost may vary depending on the number of appliances, class, and location.

It is best to conduct testing at least once a year to ensure safety standards. Moreover, PAT testing is not mandatory by law in the UK, but it is always recommended.

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