CCTV Installation Cost

Installing CCTV is a great idea. This way, you can keep an eye on your surroundings and prevent any possible theft. If you’re planning to install CCTV, you’re at the right place.

We’ve got you covered in detail on CCTV installation costs. Before we dive into details, let us give you a quick answer:

The average cost of an entire CCTV system is £450 to £1500 (four cameras). In general, the prices vary depending on the type of system, i.e. Analogue CCTV and IP CCTV. 

Moreover, you also have to pay about £300 to £550 in labour costs. As for the rule of thumb, with more features and an extra number of cameras, you’ll have to pay additional costs.

Let’s have a detailed look at the factors affecting the CCTV installation cost for an in-depth and better understanding.

1. How Much To Install CCTV?


The cost to install home CCTV differs depending on the type of system. Right now, CCTVs are classified into two groups. 

  • Analogue CCTV System can cost up to £900 – £1100
  • IP CCTV, aka wireless, comes with a price tag of £1900

With more features, a camera, a zooming ratio, and night vision, the price will hike. Some ultra-modern CCTV can cost up to £10,000, mostly used for commercial purposes.

Quick Cost Distribution For Basic Analogue System

  • 4 analogue cameras 
  • 1 DVR recorder 
  • Professional installation 
  • Total cost: £1200 to £1900

Quick Cost Distribution For Advanced IP System

  • 4 IP cameras with higher resolution and night vision 
  • 1 NVR recorder with extended storage 
  • Remote access setup 
  • Professional installation 
  • Total cost: £800-£1500

Note: This cost includes only 4 cameras, as most Brits install a maximum of four cameras. Moreover, the place, i.e. indoor or outdoor, also impacts the cost. 

2. CCTV Installation Cost Based On Camera Type

The camera is a major component of every CCTV. Some lenses are expensive, while others are budget-friendly.

Usually, the high vision infrared CCTV cameras are the most expensive. Have a look at the table given below to understand the camera costs.

Camera TypeAverage Cost (Per Piece)
Dome Camera£20 – £150
Bullet Camera£20 – £200
Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera£50 – £200
C-mount Camera£45 – £230
Day/Night Camera£50 – £230
Infrared/Night Vision Camera£20 – £400
Network/IP Camera£35 – £550
Wireless Camera£40 – £280
High Definition Camera£20 – £360

It is best to install high-definition cameras for your CCTV system. If you’re a job holder or frequent traveller, then you must opt for wireless day and night cameras

Moreover, the price mentioned above is for a single piece. With more cameras, the cost can sum up to £20000, depending on the size and quality.

3. CCTV Installation Labour Cost

Installing CCTVs is the most crucial part, and it must be done accurately. Finding an installer is quite easy as multiple electricians are available in every part of the UK.


Hiring professionals will cost £500 to £1000 for installation, depending on the complexity of the system, the number of cameras, and your location. In big cities, labour is even more expensive.

Overall, the installation cost is normally almost 50% of the supply cost. If your system comes with the £4000 price tag, you’re expected to pay around £1500 to £2000 as labour costs.

4. Factors Affecting The CCTV Installation Cost

There are five main factors that can affect the cost. Apart from the geographical location, the rest depends on you. 

Number Of Cameras

As a rule of thumb, the more cameras, the more you have to pay. Usually, a single-camera unit costs anywhere between £50 to £200. Now, it depends on your preference and how many units you need. This will either cut or pile up the price.

Type Of CCTV System

Analogue CCTV is less expensive compared to IP CCTV. Though the price difference is minimal with an additional number of cameras and upgrades, the cost can be even 2x.

Night Vision Cameras Are Expensive

Apart from the number and type of unit, it is also one of the major cost-affecting factors. Installing night vision cameras is the best option as they ensure additional security at night. Furthermore, they have additional features like a theft alert, a doorbell ring, and infrared vision.

Certified Electricians Are More Expensive

Hiring an electrician with an electricity safety certificate is best. However, they are a bit more costly. But the end result is worth every single penny.

A certified electrician will check the wiring and choose better locations for cameras. Usually, they charge almost half of the CCTV supply cost.

Your Geographical Location

Last but not least, your geographical location also matters. For example, London is expensive as compared to small towns, and central London is the “most costly” area for hiring labour. Keep in mind that the costly labour can add up to 20% to the required budget.

CCTV Installation Price List FAQs

How much does a CCTV camera cost in the UK?

A single CCTV camera can cost anywhere between  £50 to  £150. With more functions, i.e. night vision and zooming, the price will increase up to  £200 per unit.

How much does a CCTV installation cost?

CCTV installation can cost up to £1500. The number of cameras and system specifications are two major factors that impact the cost.

Wrapping It Up!

In the end, it is safe to conclude that the CCTV installation cost is actually in your hands. The final price can pile up with more cameras, system types and geographical locations.

Moreover, some electricians charge per camera unit, while others charge depending on the building type. In both cases, the labour costs are about 50% of the supply cost.

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