Gas And Electricity Comparison Sites

The energy sources like gas and electricity are a necessity to power your businesses and homes. These services vary depending on your supplier and the sector for which you require these services.

However, the rates you get for availing of these resources might differ based on your requirements.

With the rise in population, the need for energy sources is increasing as well. There is a large variety of business and domestic consumers who avail these services under various packages.

But it’s hard to choose which sort of billing system would be best for either your home or business.

This article has mentioned the top websites that would let you choose the right package for your home and business.

You can compare tariffs with the latest prices to get the best energy deals by accessing these websites. 

What is the difference between Home Energy and Business Energy?

The most commonly asked question is whether domestic energy is cheaper than business energy. Some might consider business energy more expensive as the businesses may have to pay hefty value-added taxes. 

What is the difference between Home Energy and Business Energy
What is the difference between Home Energy and Business Energy

But surprisingly, business energy is cheaper than home energy even when both supplies travel through the same channel. This convenience is because businesses tend to consume more which results in more affordable rates.

To under the difference better, we have stated some factors which differ home energy from business energy:

Contract Tenure

The business energy consumers get a fixed limit on a contract that extends from a month to 5 years. Whereas the home energy consumers can state the contract from one month to the maximum term of choice.

Business owners tend to get an advantage as long term contracts are offered better prices.

Terms And Conditions

Business energy consumers get fixed prices on the energy package they want to opt for their sector. As compared to the home energy consumers, they get different prices, excluding the fixed prices package.

Price Factor

Prices are the significant difference between business and home energy sectors. Business energy consumers get better prices as they consume more services as compared to domestic customers. 

Businesses are charged for energy services based on location or consumption. On the other hand, home energy consumers have to pay more as they are authorized under standard circumstances, which are the same for all.

Dual Fuel Regulations

Business owners cannot avail of dual-fuel services from the energy market. At the same time, the home energy market offers double fuel service to their customers.

This feature allows business owners to get better prices because they have to avail themselves of various electricity and gas services separately.

Top Energy Comparison Websites United Kingdom:

1. Love Energy Savings: (Best for businesses)

  • Ratings: 4.8/5
  • Average saving: £1,067 a year

Love Energy Savings is among the top websites that offer the best deals on energy services for businesses in the UK.

This website was founded in 2007, offering services for the business sector by compiling a solid relationship with UK’s Big Six energy providers.

Love Energy Savings
Love Energy Savings

Love Energy Savings offers various services to improvise your business to settle with the best energy deals. On this site, you get specially made deals for firms based on multiple factors. 

On this website, you get the best energy prices by location based on your postal code. The website will provide you with the latest energy prices in your region as your gas and electricity consumption differs where you live.

The website offers various services for choosing and comparing the best business energy deals from a range of trusted energy suppliers.

You also get expert advice from the help center on availing yourself of better options of energy deals on your business.

Using your phone or online, you can switch your energy supplier by comparing the market.

2. USwitch: (Best for home)

  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Average saving: £216 a year

uSwitch is a standard comparison website for home users which offer all sort of comparison services you require at home. On the website, you get the best energy and broadband deals on a single platform.

USwitch was founded in September 2000, providing energy comparison services across the UK. The website allows you control over your gas and electricity bills by giving several options within seconds.

USwitch: (Best for home)
USwitch: (Best for home)

USwitch has its mobile application for IOS and android, which keeps your switching service on the go. You can easily compare deals at your fingertips and track the progress of your Switch.

The app also gives you reminders on the best deals in the region based on your postal code.

The customer care team at USwitch is always available to give you expert advice on how you can save more by simply switching. Through this website, you get to receive exclusive deals and insights on the energy market.

The website offers user data privacy, so your credentials are safe while opting for energy services.

3. Energy Helpline: (Best for home and business)

  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Average saving: £328- £1,305 a year

Energy Helpline is as good as it sounds with one of the best energy comparison advisors in the UK. Energy Helpline began its services in 2002 with a vision to make switching services quicker and easier for home and business sector consumers.

Energy Helpline
Energy Helpline

Energy Helpline compares the most significant number of energy service providers in the UK, covering all the private and effective supplying companies.

The website has a simple interface that offers dedicated services to both home and business energy consumers.

The price comparison is Ofgem-accredited, so you receive a satisfactory comparison summary on tariffs being charged by your energy provider.

You can find comparison deals online through their website or avail professional advice through customer service on the phone.

The Energy Helpline is designed and maintained by Comparison Technologies, which offers expert advice in switching options for home-based services.

Under this affiliation, home-based customers can save millions across the UK by using a full-service comparison on one platform.

4. Money Supermarket: (Best for home)

  • Ratings: 4/5
  • Average saving: £253 a year

Money Supermarket was founded in 1993, has millions of trusted customers by providing several comparison services in different sectors.

The platform is devoted to giving super-saving services on gas and electricity and all the living necessities.

Money Supermarket extends to serve different comparison services on your insurance, credit card, travel, energy, and broadband deals.

Money Supermarket
Money Supermarket

This website has several tabs for UK-based users who can avail the best comparison deals on their category choice.

The website also tracks your credit score based on your billing and renewal activity. You also get a free switch report and personalized tips from the website on how you can save more.

The web application would alert you when you’re overpaying on your bills so you can switch to a better option.

The website contains tailored packages for consumer services based on their needs of consumption and area. This website provides overhead updates and tells you when it is best to switch your provider to avail a better deal.

5. Switch: (Best for home)

  • Ratings: 4.4/5
  • Average saving: £350 a year

Simply Switch is a UK-based energy comparison website that offers convenient switching advice over their platform. The website extends to have broadband and business packages as well from various UK-based companies.

This website carries the Ofgem confidence code providing fair prices on gas and electricity.

Switch: (Best for home)
Switch: (Best for home)

Simply Switch provides comparison services based on the postal code of your region or area. The website will provide you with the best deals on your chosen comparison category by entering your postal codes.

The website also provides a summary of the best-rated energy provider companies based on different criteria. The website also compares your current tariff with other available options in your region.

For this purpose, you may have to provide your detailed credentials.

6. The Energy Shop: (Best for home and business)

  • Ratings: 4.3/5
  • Average saving: £232 a year

The Energy Shop is a quick and easy platform for switching to the best energy services you can avail of. You get to compare more than 50 energy suppliers offering various deals on dual-energy services across the region through this platform.

The Energy Shop
The Energy Shop

The website provides you with the market’s energy pricing data, which gives you a thorough analysis of market values. Energy Shop keeps insight into the best home and business energy deals based on the UK market. 

You get to learn about the fixed price and package deals for your home and business sector. The Energy Shop is accredited with Ofgem, which means you get accurate prices and standard variable tariffs.

The website offers expert advice through their 24×7 available helpline, which provides customer service for large and small businesses.

Taking the right help can allow you to choose the best deals for your home and business.

7. My Utility Genius: (Best for home and business)

  • Ratings: 4/5
  • Average saving: £250-1000 a year

The Utility Genius is at service for home customers and business energy consumers to provide the latest updates on gas and electricity prices.

The website allows you to compare dual fuel, gas, and electricity services separately by comparing dozens of energy suppliers.

My Utility Genius (Best for home and business)
My Utility Genius (Best for home and business)

The website carries the Ofgem confidence code and has all the authentic information you need to compare your energy packages.

You can compare the prices varying for home users or choose the best package deal if you are a business owner.

The website also provides genius guidelines to understand better the concept of billing. You get to learn more about the charging criteria and how you can save by switching constantly.

The website also provides the government schemes and regulations so you can get an insight into the wholesale energy market.

8. Switch Gas and Electric: (Best for home)

  • Ratings: 4.2/5
  • Average saving: £350 a year

Switch gas and electric is an energy comparison website with a simple-to-operate interface for users. The website makes the switching process easy for customers by simply entering their postal code.

switch-gas-Switch Gas and Electric: (Best for home)
switch-gas-Switch Gas and Electric: (Best for home)

The website provides you with the best deals on gas and electricity in the region and how much you can save by switching.

The Ofgem confidence code ensures that the results provided by this website will be accurate based on official data.

The comparison on this website is free, although a fee is charged for the Switch from energy suppliers. The Switch gas and electricity covers a vast market of energy suppliers offering an in-depth comparison on yearly or monthly packages.

9. Quotezone: (Best for home and business)

  • Ratings: 4/5
  • Average saving: £262 a year

Established in 2005, Quotezone offers a comparison service on all the necessities of life ranging from gas and electricity to the insurance sector.

The comparison deals are categorized into various tabs, which you can easily access on the website.


By choosing the energy option, you get to enter your credentials, including the postal code. The website provides you with the best deals and packages for dual fuel services and separate gas and electricity.

Quotezone does thorough research based on your credentials and provides you with how costly your current energy provider is. Then, the website provides you with suitable switching options by various energy suppliers in the market.

For the business sector, the website has valuable information regarding extra charges they have to pay on each long-term package.

10. Go Compare: (Best for home and business)

  • Ratings: 4.5/5
  • Average saving: £302 a year

The convenience of getting all the service comparisons on one platform makes it trouble-free to access multiple websites. The Go Compare keeps you traveling, insurance, and energy comparison deals on the go from hundreds of options to choose from.

Go Compare
Go Compare

Go Compare was founded back in 2006, providing comparison services for UK-based customers in the home and business sector. The Go Compare delivers results with the most affordable packages by the best service providers in your region.

The website offers the best deals for dual gas energy packages provided by various energy companies in the region.

You can also compare gas and electricity services separately based on the price data provided by the website.

Once you have entered your credentials, the website will provide better alternating options based on your monthly or yearly electricity consumption.

You will receive a summary of tariffs from which you can select the best choice for home and business.

How to compare energy suppliers?

There are numerous energy websites providing comparison services to gas and electricity service providers. These websites carry official data from the energy companies and Ofgem’s defined charges.

Based on the information, here are some factors which can determine the best energy comparison website:

Trustpilot Ratings

Trust pilot provides the best ratings for energy comparison websites based on customer feedback and traffic.

The users on the website generate more data which helps to give better results for energy suppliers.
Better the ranting, the accurate pricing data on the website.

Savings Criteria

Various comparison websites provide monthly or yearly savings ensuring through their switching comparison.

These savings depend on the home or business-based users figures which can vary on consumption.

Ofgem Code

Ofgem confidence code means that the data on the website is accurate. Therefore, the defined tariffs by the officials will be stated on the websites with the cheapest rates and packages.


The comparison websites provide data for both home and business energy consumers. These sectors are provided services through the same channels and companies. However, the difference comes in the rates and packages, defined based on each type of consumer.

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