How Much Does a Burglar Alarm Cost?

Installing a burglar alarm is a good idea for safety. But how much does a burglar alarm cost?

This might be a tricky question to answer, as there’s no fixed answer to that. But here’s what we don’t want you to miss:

On average, a burglar alarm costs anywhere between £350 to £700, depending on the type of alarm. Additionally, you also have to pay £70 to £100 as an installation fee.

Such home security systems are classified into 4 main types, and prices vary depending on the type. So, sit back and let us guide you in detail.

Burglar Alarm Cost In the UK

As for the rule of thumb, home security systems are expensive in the UK. The most affordable unit can cost £200 to £250. The supply cost and the installation fee can further pile up the price.


Have a quick look at the table given below for a better understanding of the final cost of residential burglar alarm costs:

Type Of AlarmSupply CostInstallation CostTotal Cost
Bell only (wired)£180 – £250£80£260 – £330
Bell only (wireless)£230 – £330£80£310 – £410
Smart system£400 – £550£100 – £120£500 – £670
CCTV £550 – £680£100 – £120£650 – £800
Dialler£150 – £230£80£220 – £310

Full CCTV security and smart systems are the most common and expensive burglar alarms. Moreover, keep in mind that both supply costs and installation charges are subject to change based on system type, availability, and location.

Cost Of Burglar Alarm Installation

You’ll need a professional to install the alarm. Mostly, technicians charge per hour, while in some major cities (like London), professionals can charge per day.

The average hourly charges are £40 to £80 while hiring a professional on a day base can cost up to £200 to £250.

Service Charges And Monthly Energy Consumption

Burglar alarms need regular service to work properly. On average, service is required every three months to test if everything is working properly. For every service, you are expected to pay £80 to £100.


Service charges also differ depending on the type of alarm, number of sensors, and checking wiring. Conducting regular service may seem expensive, but it will save you more bucks in the long run.

When it comes to energy consumption, home monitoring units and CCTV systems only consume 8 to 10 watts, contributing a few cents in energy bills.

Three Cost-Deciding Factors For Burglar Alarms

As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed cost. Both high-end and affordable alarms are available, and one can buy them depending on their budget. Still, factors determine the actual final cost. Let me explain all to you.

1. The Type Of Burglar Alarm

Wireless alarms with keypads are expensive compared to simple wired ring-only alarms. Similarly, the CCTV unit and smart units come with high price tags. Standard home security systems are cheaper compared to commercially used alarms.

2. Burglar Alarms Fitting Cost Also Matters

Proper installation can take up to 2 days. If you’re hiring a professional who charges by hours, then you may end up paying over £350 for the installation fee only. In the same way, the experience of an electrician matters too. 

Most importantly, fitting a wireless burglar alarm is relatively easy as compared to a wired one. But, the service charges for wireless are higher. So, in both cases, the price bracket can sum up to £500 to £600.

3. Your Location

Yes, that matters too! Based on our research, hiring a professional in the city centre is more expensive than in small towns. On average, you’re expected to pay 20% more in major cities.

Burglar Alarm Cost FAQs

How much do burglar alarms cost?

A burglar alarm costs between £350 to £550. The cost varies depending on the type of alarm (i.e. wired or wireless, voice-operated and control pad). Traditional home security systems come with a price tag of £350.

How much does it cost to have a burglar alarm fitted?

The professional fitting can cost up to £150. The fitting charges vary based on the type of alarm and your location. Hiring a professional in cities is 20% more expensive than in towns.

How often should burglar alarms be serviced?

Residential home alarms must be serviced at least twice a year. The service will cost around £90 per session.

Wrapping It Up!

While installing a burglar alarm, three main costs add up. The supply cost is between £350 to £550, while the installation charges can sum up to £80 per hour. Maintenance and service charges vary between £50 to £90.

Overall, the type of burglar alarm and the number of sensors and cameras pile up the final costs.

Though you can save some bucks by copying for DIY installation, it is highly recommended to hire a professional for proper fitting.

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