With 4.3 million customers in the U.K., E.ON energy is the top renewable electricity supplier from the big 6. It operates in 30 countries worldwide. 

E.ON energy might be a good energy supplier, but is it worth switching?.

In this article, you will have a complete rundown of its tariff plans and a complete review.

Who is E.ON energy?

E.on is owned by a German-based company E.ON S.E. It is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the U.K. 

With the acquisition of Powergen, Eon entered into the U.K. market twenty years ago. Eon energy has over 33 million customers worldwide. Eon is taking steps to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  


  • E.ON Ruhrgas.
  • E.ON UK
  • E.ON Sverige

What is E.ON Next U.K.?

Eon next is part of the Eon energy group. It is a step toward supplying customers with 100% renewable electricity at no additional cost.

E.ON Energy Detailed Review.

E.ON has improved its standards. With 100% green energy, it is the only energy supplier in the U.K. taking steps for the green revolution.

U.K. tariffs are a little high as compared to other electricity suppliers. Tariffs are fixed, and an early exit will cost £30 per fuel.

Overall, It is an above-average gas and electricity supplier. The bill clarity and good customer service only got this company 50,000 new customers last year.

Service TypeRating
Average Call Wait Time    ★★★☆☆ 
Email Responded Within 48 Hours★★★☆☆ 
Bill Accuracy in Past Year★★★★☆
Bill Clarity★★★★☆
Complaint Handling★★★☆☆
Customer Service★★☆☆☆
Green Energy★★★★☆
Eon comes with 100% renewable electricity as a standard.Expensive energy supplier
No increase in tariff for the 24 monthsWebsites and apps need improvement.
Reward points equaling £30 credited into customers account within a year.More complaints.
Excellent customer support.E.ON's next online system does not work accurately.
Giving Back - Community charity projects.
Variety of Tariffs.
Accurate billing with smart meters.

E.ON U.K. Customer Reviews – All You Need To Know about E.ON Energy.


  • E.ON has an average ranking of 3.4 stars on Trustpilot.
  • Ranked at 22nd out of 25 best energy dealers in the U.K. on annual which? Customer survey.
  • This year it ranks jointly with SSE energy.
  • Citizen’s advice gives Eon 3.35 stars.

What Do Customers Have To Say!

Most of the reviews are above average on Trustpilot. 


A Reviewer Writes:

The booking process for the smart meter fitting was straightforward.

Someone Said:

All my communications with Eon have been dealt with efficiently and with care from fitting a smart meter to transferring account details after the loss of my partner.

Most people complain about the “Customer Service Complaint Handling & Incorrect Meter Reading.” 

A New Customer Writes:

I am a new customer and horrified by how you are dealing with this situation, you do not care!! My estimated read is way off compared to my actual read.

People are also reporting issues over suppliers forcing them to have a smart meter.

Bully tactics to make me take smart meters.


Lately, in 2018, this company was all over the news for the wrong reasons. On March 03, 2018. The Independent U.K. reported that, overall, 1.3 million people are affected due to the price hike. E.On announced it would cut 500 jobs in the U.K.

in August 2018.But things are not that bad now. It was also the first company to shift its consumers to renewable energy. 

What Tariff Plans Does E.ON U.K. Offer?

Fixed-Rate Tariff Plans.

  • E.on Energy U.K. offers fixed rate tariff plans. These fixed plans cover either 12 or 24 months. 
  • All the fixed rate tariff plans require its customers to install the smart meter.
  • A consumer with a set schedule can attain a 25% discount on boiler cover via Homeserve.

Variable Tariff Plans.

Eon offers two variable tariff plans. 

  1. For Standard Customers.
  2. Customers who are eligible for Warm House Discount.

Electric Vehicles Tariffs.

There is a standard tariff on electric vehicle owners too. 

  • A 24-month, fixed-rate tariff with a £30 exit fee per fuel. 
  • E.ON claims that the tariff comes with 850 free miles.

Some other E.ON Tariff Plans.

Some other E.ON Tariff plans
Some other E.ON Tariff plans
  1. Fix Online V44.

It is an exclusive online tariff with a fixed amount for 12 months. This plan comes with a direct debit discount and 25% off boiler cover.

  1. Fix one year V6.

A fixed plan with no exit fee.

  1. Fix two-year V12.

V12 is the 24 monthly fixed price deal with no leave exit fee.

Does Eon Sell renewable energy?

Yes, Eon sells 100% renewable energy at no extra cost. 
Also, Eon Next which is part of the Eon group sells renewable electricity as standard with no exit fee.

Does E.ON energy offer smart meters?

Yes, Eon energy installed smart meters even though it encourages its consumers to have a smart electricity meter. Click Here to get an Eon smart meter.


E.ON energy is trying its best for the green revolution. 

It is a safe option to switch. With an average to moderate ranking, E.on Next has some room for improvement.

Overall, E.ON is an above-average renewable energy supplier.


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