How Much Electricity Does A Fan Use

If you are looking for a bit of relief from the heat, there is nothing quite as refreshing as a fan.

However, many people don’t realize that fans can actually use up quite a bit of electricity. In fact, an average ceiling fan uses about 88 watts when it is on high speed and 55 watts when it is on low speed. 

That’s more than your average light bulb, which only uses about 60 watts per hour. 

This blog post will cover all of the different types of fans and their corresponding wattage usage so that next time you turn on your air conditioner. 

You will be able to make sure not to waste too much money on electricity due to your fan usage.

How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use
How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use

How Much Electricity Does A Fan Use?

The cost of running a fan for one day depends on the size and type. 

The average price ranges from £0-£ 0.74, but it can go up to as high as about 5¢ per minute with larger air conditioners or heating systems in use.

The typical home will have an HVAC system that operates around 20 hours per week. 

This includes 7-8 hours while it is being used by someone else during their shift, i.e., sleeping, so be prepared if you are going off-grid soon.

How Much Does it Cost To Run A Fan
All night?

Box fans can be very costly to operate. In the US, an average box fan costs $0.011 per hour and £0.066 for every night that it’s left on (i e 8hrs)

This makes them expensive when you only use yours a few times over several months or years, depending on how often you turn your machine off!

How Much Does It Cost To Run A 20 Inch Box Fan?

The average 20-inch box fan uses 86.5W and costs, on average, £0.0097 per hour in the US. That is a measure of how much power these devices suck from your electricity bill.

20 Inch Box Fan

KWH Price

Cost per hour

Cost 8 hours

Cost 24 hours











The cost of running a box fan in the UK is meager, at just 2 cents per hour. 

For an 8-hour stay with no reduced nightly rate, it will set you back 18 cents which is not bad when compared to other countries like America, where they charge £0.40 for each day spent using such appliances (based on 24/7 usage). 

This means that if w are talking about full days and weeks lasting from Monday morning all through Saturday evening, then our numbers increase accordingly.

How much electricity does a fan use in an hour?

The energy consumption can vary depending on its make and model, but an average household unit uses about 100 watts in an hour.

The amount of electricity needed for your air conditioner may differ from this number; however, it typically hovers around 95-130W (100 – 150 kWh/year).

Is it expensive to run a fan?

Fans are an efficient way to cool off in hot weather. 

The cost of running one depends on the size, style, and efficiency level you would like for your home or business’s air conditioning system, but many fans can operate up close at around £7.45 monthly.

A fan may seem expensive initially when considering electricity costs alone.

It turns out that most homeowners will find this expense worthwhile if they need relief from sweltering summer conditions without using any energy drink.

Is it expensive to run a fan
Is it expensive to run a fan

How Much Electricity Does A 45w Fan Use?

A 45w fan uses about as much electricity per hour when it is on a high, which is the speed at which most people operate their fans in 24 hours.

This will use up an average of 15 amp hours out from your home’s electric supply and would thus require turning off or changing direction for 12 minutes every day if left constantly running while plugged in.

Different Types Of Fans And Their Consumptions

Pedestal Fan

Residential pedestal fans are great for keeping cool in the summer and warm during winter. 

They are also perfect if you live somewhere with hot weather because it can be hard to keep up when air conditioning isn’t an option, but this problem will go away after just one day.

The best part about these machines is how affordable they are-costing anywhere between 1 cent per hour (£10.43) on average £21.60 every year.

This makes them much more cost-effective than other cooling solutions out there, where electricity bills tend not to exceed £74.49/year even.

Commercial, industrial, and commercial-grade pedestal fans are capable of much greater outputs than residential models. 

The maximum output (measured in watts) typically ranges from 45W to 75W for homes; however, larger shops may use 300 or higher-powered units that can reach temperatures up to 100°F cooler places like garage workshops.

Tower Fan

Tower fans can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to stay cool in the summer, especially if you own one with remote controls that allow users from across rooms or even outside your home. 

However, these devices use up electricity at an alarming rate.

Tower Fan
Tower Fan

The average user will spend 2.9c per hour on their electric bill just for using this type of fan, which calculates out to about 28 cents every day when used regularly over 30 days.

Not including other factors such as air conditioning costs during hot weather months on either side of those times depending on how much energy consumption fluctuates.

Desk Fan

A desk fan could be the perfect solution to cool off during this scorching heatwave.

The annual cost of running one hour, for example, is between £2.81and £9.36 depending on how it is used, which means you will only need to buy them when necessary instead of investing in an expensive air conditioner unit right away.

You are saving yourself some greenbacks along the way while staying comfortable at your workstation all day long without resorting to too much electricity.

Or I am having any worry about power outages thanks again to technological advancements like these handy little devices.

Comparison Table

Fan Type




Annual Cost

Pedestal Fan





Tower Fan





Desk Fan





How Much Electricity Does A Fan Use FAQ’s

How much electricity does a tower fan use?

Tower fans can be used both inside and outside the home. They often have a low setting of 15 watts or less, perfect for reducing humidity in bathrooms where there’s no breeze to create it naturally.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan use in the UK?

A typical household fan has a watt of between 25 and 75. This means that it will cost you an average of £0.004 per hour for one running, which is great if your home isn’t big or warm.

Wrapping Up!

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Well, it turns out that is not only true for people but also for electronics. 

It can be tricky balancing electricity costs and making sure you’re doing what is best for your home or office comfort levels. That is why we looked into how much power a fan uses when on low vs. high setting. 

As it turns out, there was about an 80% difference in energy usage between these two settings!

Which would you instead use?

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