Consumer Unit Replacement Cost

Whether your RCD keeps tripping or you’re planning to add a high-energy consumption appliance, it is best to change the consumer unit. 

But what is the cost of replacing a consumer unit? If you’re searching for this, here is your quick answer:

Consumer unit replacement costs vary between £350 to £500. The cost usually varies depending on the type of consumer unit, fixing cost, and location. In cities, the labour is more expensive. So, you’re expected to pay 15% – 20% extra in central cities.

So, done with your quick answer! Now, let’s dig deep and guide you in detail about the consumer unit upgrade costs.

1. How Much To Replace Consumer Units?

In short, the consumer unit replacement cost depends on the type. In the UK, mostly 6 types of consumer units are used, including the domestic switch fuse.


Have a quick look at the table given below for costs, labour costs, and required time:

Consumer Unit TypeAverage CostLabour Cost Replacement Time
Fully Loaded£60 to £350£80 to £1002 – 3 hours
Split Load£100 to £225£100 to £1201 – 2 hours
Garage Consumer Unit£55 to £80£20 to £5040 minutes
RCD Dual-Split£80 to £150£100 to £1202 – 3 hours
High Integrity£50 to £150£30 to £5040 minutes
Domestic Switch Fuse£30 to £80£10 to £151 – 2 hours

The fully loaded consumer unit is the most expensive and requires the most time to be replaced.

It has both input and output breakers in one fused switch. Keep in mind that the cost also varies depending on the number of circuits and amp ratings.

When To Replace A Consumer Unit?

You must change the consumer unit if it’s outdated and has fuses instead of circuit breakers. If you’re experiencing continuous circuit breaks or notice flickering lights from the fuse box, replace the consumer unit ASAP. 

2. Consumer Unit Upgrade Cost Based On Range

Consumer units come in various ranges. The range is between 2-way consumer units (residential) and 75-way consumer units (commercial). Have a quick look at the table given below for detailed prices:

Consumer Unit RangeAverage Cost
2 way£20
4 way£40
6 way£100
8 way£120
10 way£350
12 way£400 – £550
18 way£600
24 way£750
36 way£1000 – £1100
42 way£1400 – £1600
54 way£2400 – £3600
75 way£4000

For residential use, mostly 4-way to 18-way consumer units are used. Such consumer units consume a maximum of 40 to 100 amps. As for the general rule of thumb, the more ways, the more amps a unit will use.

Changing Consumer Unit Cost FAQs

How much will it cost to replace a consumer unit?

On average, it costs between £75 to £150 to replace a consumer unit. Additionally, you have to pay £20 to £50 as a labour fee. The cost also depends on the type of consumer unit, old wiring, and residential area.

How long does it take to change a consumer unit?

Usually, changing a consumer unit takes 2 to 3 hours. Combining multiple fuse boxes in a single consumer unit will take a maximum of 4 to 5 hours.

Which consumer unit do I need?

There is no quick answer to that. But, a consumer unit must have at least three natural bars supplied with a main switch and two reds.

Wrapping It Up!

On average, you’ll need a budget of £250 to £500 to change a consumer unit. Additionally, £50 to £75 is required as a labour fee. The cost can be more depending on the type of your consumer unit.

In the end, we emphasise you hire a professional electrician with an electric safety certificate. As they will inspect and fix all the problems, from loose wiring to outdated fuse changing.

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