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Most Energy Efficient Tumble Dryer

According to Mirror UK research, a Brit uses the tumble dryer for at least 69 minutes per week. Eventually, a dryer is the most important wet appliance.

On average, the usage of wet appliances can sum up to 25% of your monthly bill. That’s why it is very important to have a most energy efficient dryer.

But, finding an efficient dryer can take time and effort. Because either they are very expensive or they consume a lot of electricity.

This is where we came in! Our technical team of Electrician Hull has done detailed research. We have handpicked the best energy efficient tumble dryers for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Tumble Dryer?

On average, tumble dryers consume 4.5kWh to 5.8kWh of energy. Keeping the current energy cap of 0.34 in mind, it will cost £1.53 to £1.9 per cycle.

The energy consumption varies depending on the size and when you use it. You have to pay around 20p more if you run it during peak hours.

Tumble Dryer Energy Ratings Explained

Energy rating is the system or feature that indicates how much energy any appliance uses. Appliances come with ratings from A to G.

Since, on average, tumble dryers consume 4.5kWh of energy. So, buying dryers with an A to a maximum C rating is best. Dryers with over C ratings will use more electricity, resulting in hefty monthly bills. 

Before you read any further, we like to tell you that we might earn a little commission for every purchase you made today. But this doesn’t affect our product review. We have only picked the best appliance after testing and surveys.

Top 3 Tumble Dryers By Experts

Don’t have time to go through all appliances one by one? Well, worry not. After our detailed comparison and testing, We have handpicked our top three best products for You.

For Large Family
Samsung Series 5 Vented Dryer
  • Maximum Capacity
  • No Noise And Vibrations
  • 35 Minutes Quick Cycle
Best Rated Tumbler
Haier Heat Pump Dryer
  • 100% Hygienic
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Sturdy Material Overall
Best Condenser Dryer
Hoover Condenser Dryer
  • Rapid Drying Feature
  • 15 built-in Functions
  • Internet And App Compatible

7 Best Tumble Dryers For You To Buy

Clothes dyers have further many more types. Professionals prefer condenser dryers, while heat pumps and vented tumble dryers are equally popular among householders.

Most A++ tumble dryers are very expensive to buy. But they are worth every penny you spend. We have chosen the best budget-friendly dryers. So you won’t go broke while buying them.

For Large Family
Samsung Series 5 Tumble Dryer

Samsung Series 5 Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: A++
  •    Capacity: 8kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 235 kWh per year
Best Condenser Dryer To Buy
Hoover Condenser Tumble Dryer

Hoover Condenser Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: B
  •    Capacity: 8kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 561 kWh per year 
For Small Space
Russell Hobbs Tumble Dryer

Russell Hobbs Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: C
  •    Capacity: 2.5kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 199 kWh per year
Best Rated Tumbler Dryer
Haier Heat Pump Dryer

Haier Heat Pump Dryer

  •    Energy Class: A++
  •    Capacity: 9kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 236 kWh per year
Portable Clothes Dryer
Cookology Vented Tumble Dryer

Cookology Vented Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: C
  •    Capacity: 2.5kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 252 kWh per year
Tumble Dryer For Garage
White Knight Condenser Tumble Dryer

White Knight Condenser Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: B
  •    Capacity: 8kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 4.68 kWh per cycle
Vented Tumble Dryer To Buy
Hotpoint Vented Tumble Dryer

Hotpoint Vented Tumble Dryer

  •    Energy Class: C
  •    Capacity: 8kg
  •    Energy Consumption: 2.4 kWh per cycle

1. Samsung Series 5 Tumble Dryer – Best Tumble Dryer For Large Family

For Large Family
9.4/10Our Score

DV80TA020AX by Samsung is one of the best tumble dryers available right now. Its maximum capacity and eco-friendly features make it the best seller.

Its quick-dry feature removes any moisture from your clothes within 35 minutes. Also, while running, it makes minimal 65dB noise.

Energy Class: A++ | Capacity: 8kg | Energy Consumption: 235 kWh per year 

I personally love its reversible door design. You can adjust and open it either right or left, depending on your convenience. 

For the longevity of your appliance, it is equipped with 2 in 1 filter that collects all fluff and fabric particles, protecting the heating element.

What’s So Special About It
  • It has a wide 8kg capacity that can dry whole family clothes in on the go.
  • It has two filters that collect fluff so that it won’t damage the motor.
  • The reversible door is unique and suitable for small spaces.
  • The heat pump technology ensures low energy bills and saves time too.
What Could Be Better
  • When fully packed, it makes sounds and vibrations.
  • The optimal dry feature for bedding needs more time than 30 minutes.

2. Hoover Condenser Tumble Dryer – Best Condenser Dryer To Buy!

Condenser Dryer To Buy!
9.4/10Our Score

You can choose from its three-level drying option. Its aqua vision technology collects any pattern water in the bag installed within.

Overall, its design is sturdy. The exterior is made of quality plastic. The best part is that it is very lightweight, and you don’t need professional help installing it.

Energy Class: B | Capacity: 8kg | Energy Consumption: 561 kWh per year

Hoover condenser dryer has a sensor installed in it that finds wet patches and dries them out. Its rapid drying feature is very swift.

The show-stopper feature is its internet compatibility. You can control it using the mobile phone app which is very convenient.

What We Like The Most
  • It is a very budget-friendly condenser dryer with a sensor feature.
  • The aqua vision technology prevents the internal parts from rusting.
  • Its app feature allows you to control it through your mobile.
    The digital panel is suitable for wet hands.

The Drawbacks
  • The door can only be opened to the left side.
  • Its mobile app lags and becomes painfully slow over time.

3. Russell Hobbs Tumble Dryer – Best Tumble Dryer For Small Space

For Small Space
9.4/10Our Score

The most amazing feature of this vented tumble dryer is that even with C ratings, it consumes less electricity compared to any A-rated dryer.

You can manually adjust the temperature and time using the rotatory dial. The vented hole extracts the hot air rapidly while drying your fabric.

Energy Class: C | Capacity: 2.5kg | Energy Consumption: 199 kWh per year 

Due to its compact design, you can place it next to your energy efficient washer. You won’t hear any sound coming from it due to its 62dB noise level.

Manufacturers have done a great job by fixing a lint filter within. It traps all the fluff and ensures the longevity of your portable tumble dryer.

Reasons To Buy It
  • Its compact design is perfect for small homes.
  • It is very energy efficient as every cycle costs you around 45p.
  • You can choose from cold or hot air mode, which is convenient.
  • You can also wall mount it as it is very lightweight.

Noticeable Draw Backs
  • The drum only moves in one direction only.
  • Tightly packed clothes can’t be dried out properly.

4. Haier Heat Pump Dryer – Best Rated Tumbler Dryer

Best Rated Tumbler Dryer
9.4/10Our Score

Haier heat pump HD90-A2979S is the best A++ tumble dryer. It currently ranks at #1 on Amazon. Its hygiene drying cycle kills 99% of bacteria.

You can set the delay start cycle and save your hard-earned money during peak hours. Its digital screen panel has 14 settings, one for each type of fabric.

Energy Class: A++ | Capacity: 9kg | Energy Consumption: 236 kWh per year

It has the maximum capacity while still, the noise level is at 67dB. During our test, we fill it to max capacity. Surprisingly, we don’t hear any single sound coming from it.

The glass door has the right orientation. Overall, the build quality is also perfect. To match the interior of your home, you can also choose either white or graphite colour.

Pros Of Haier Heat Pump Dryer
  • The hygiene laundry cycle ensures to kill any mold and bacteria.
  • Delay start feature is perfect for doing laundry at your convenience.
  • It has special heat settings for every fabric type.
  • It doesn’t stiff or harden the fabric due to high temperature.
What Could Be Improved
  • The filter that collects the fluff is not so impressive.
  • Its sensor is very delicate and needs to be more accurate.

5. Cookology Vented Tumble Dryer – Best Portable Clothes Dryer

Best Portable Clothes Dryer
9.4/10Our Score

Cookology appliances are getting popular across the UK. This mini-vented small tumble dryer is perfect for small apartments and students.

Its anti-wrinkle feature is perfect for drying your clothes if you want to wear them right after. You can also refresh the clothes with the cool air function.

Energy Class: C | Capacity: 2.5kg | Energy Consumption: 252 kWh per year

Even though its drum size is very compact. But, it works rapidly. Using it for around 40 minutes will cost you £1.53, which is very minimal compared to heat pump energy usage.

It makes almost no sound, as its noise level is just 57 dB. I love its compact size. Because this is what makes it portable and easy to move.

Reason To Buy It
  • Compared to its cheap price, the build quality is exceptional.
  • The air dry feature is perfect for refreshing the fabric.
  • Its anti-wrinkle function ensures soft and plain dry clothes.
  • The manual rotary dial is very simple and easy to operate.
Few Major Drawbacks
  • It only has a few heat settings.
  • The lint filter is placed in middle, which can catch and tear the fabric.

6. White Knight Condenser Tumble Dryer – Best Tumble Dryer For Garage

Best For Garage
9.4/10Our Score

White Knight tumble dryer is surely one of the favourite wet appliances of Brits. Its build quality is simply perfect and suitable to use over a decade.

You can dry almost 40 shirts within 30 minutes using its 15 different cycles. The digital control panel is suitable for wet hands.

Energy Class: B | Capacity: 8kg | Energy Consumption: 4.68 kWh per cycle

Its 9 hour delay time is suitable for working parents and students. You can simply put the clothes in and set the time as per convenience.

I love its lint filter. Usually, in small appliances, it won’t work properly. But, during our test, we put some fluff on purpose, and it collects all effectively.

What We Like About It
  • The compact size and B-class rating make it ideal for families.
  • The wrinkle-free feature dries your clothes without any single wrinkle.
  • You can air fresh your clothes swiftly.
  • The safety interlock is perfect for homes with toddlers.
What Could Be Better
  • The clothes smell burnt after a bit over a cycle.
  • Compared to its capacity, the size is very big and not portable.

7. Hotpoint Vented Tumble Dryer – Best Vented Tumble Dryer To Buy

Best Vented Tumble Dryer To Buy
9.4/10Our Score

Hotpoint freestanding dyer is yet another product which is perfect for large families due to its maximum capacity.

Its easy empty filter ensures the longevity of the appliance. The stainless steel drum rolls in both directions and dries the clothes swiftly.

Energy Class: C | Capacity: 8kg | Energy Consumption: 2.4 kWh per cycle

Its unique feature is its simple and straightforward design. There is a rotary dial though, which you can adjust the temperature and times.

Overall, the build quality is also nice. The only that bothers me is that it makes hearable noise when filled to the fullest capacity.

Pros OF Hotpoint Vented Dryer
  • The inner drum is made of cutting-edge stainless steel.
  • You can remove the filter and clean it after every use.
  • The enamel coating on the exterior makes it perfect for cleaning with one wipe.
  • Its simple and straightforward design is very easy to use.
Flaws OF Hotpoint Vented Dryer
  • It makes a lot of hearable noise.
  • Due to its big size, it is not suitable for small spaces.

Dehumidifier Or Tumble Dryer

Many people prefer to use a dehumidifier over a tumble dryer. As it uses only 0.48kWh per day, which seems more suitable for an average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house. 

But, it can take up to 6 hours to dry your clothes properly using a dehumidifier. On the contrary, a dryer can do the same job for 40 minutes, consuming 4.5 kWh of energy.

Are Tumble Dryers Expensive To Run?

Compared to other wet appliances, Yes, tumble dryers are expensive to run. They can use 4.5kWh of electricity which sums up to £1.53. 

But, it could be more expensive. Generally, it depends on the energy ratings and the size of your appliance. On average, they will cost you £153 per annum for 100 cycles (two 30 minutes cycles per week).

Vented Or Condenser Tumble Dryer – Which One Should You Buy?

In vented dryers, a hose pipe collects all the hot air with moisture and vents it outside. On the contrary, In condensers, all moisture is collected within a container.

  • If speed is your main priority, then you should go for a vented tumble dryer. As they circulate air very faster and dry the clothes swiftly.
  • If you live in a small space or looking for a portable appliance that is easy to install, then a condenser dryer is the perfect solution for you.

On average, vented tumblers are more expensive and heavy.

Which Is More Energy Efficient, Vented Or Condenser Tumble Dryer?

Vented tumble dryers are more efficient than condensers. Their heating element works fast and circulates hot air evenly.

Meanwhile, the condenser dryers use more energy while collecting the water in the container and are a bit slow.

Keeping the current UK electricity prices per kWh, it is best to buy a vented dryer.

Can You Get Integrated Condenser Tumble Dryers?

Yes, you can buy an integrated condenser dryer. Such models recirculate hot air and collect all the moisture within the tank.

You don’t have to make a hole in the wall while using such dryers. They are not suitable for installation within the cupboard as they require a lot of fresh air to operate.

Where To Put A Condenser Tumble Dryer?

The biggest perk of condensed cloth dryers is that you can put where ever what you want. They are best for setting up under the counter. Or, you can simply place them in Bathrooms.

For their prolonged shelf life of them, it is strongly suggested to set them away from water and direct heat sources.

Do Heat Pump Dryers Cause Condensation?

Condensation is the process that transforms the vapor of hot air from moisture to liquid. Heat pump dryers work on the same principle. 

They trap the moisture and collect it within a container. Then, the hot air is reused for drying the clothes.

Their only disadvantage is that they left the clothes a bit wet due to the condensation.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tumbler Drayer

Dryers are an essential yet expensive home appliance. You are bound to use them daily. So, there are a few things you must consider to ensure a hassle-free experience.

  1. Always consider the size of your family. A 2kg capacity won’t be suitable for a big family.
  2. Remember to check the annual energy consumption. Keep in mind that it must be under 400 kWh per annum.
  3. Appliances rated over C may seem pocket-friendly while buying. But they tend to be more expensive in the long run.
  4. It is highly recommended to buy an appliance with sensor technology. Because they are fast and more accurate.
  5. Check the program settings. A regular dryer must have at least 14 drying settings.
  6. Ensure that the lint is removable and easily adjustable. As you have to clean it after every week.
  7. Always look for warning LEDs. They will be helpful in case you forget to drain the water container in a condenser.
  8.  The drum must move in a dual direction. Some drums only rotate to the right, which leaves some clothes wet.

If you have children around then, we strongly suggest you consider getting an appliance with a child lock.

Difference Between “A” and “B” Energy Rating Tumble Dryer

In a nutshell, A-rated dryers use less energy compared to B-rated appliances. On average, A rated can consume 4.5 kWh of energy which can sum up to £1.53 per cycle.

While B-rated dryers can use up to 6 kWh of energy. Using them will cost you £1.53 per cycle. They are cheaper to buy but more expensive in the long run.

Most Energy Efficient Tumble Dryer FAQ’s

What is the most environmentally friendly tumble dryer?

Both vented or heat pump dryers are considered eco-friendly. An environment-friendly appliance must have at least an A energy rating.

Which type of tumble dryer is most energy efficient?

Heat pump dryers are overall more energy efficient than condenser ones. Keep in mind that the energy rating must not be over B to be considered efficient.

Which dryer setting uses the least energy?

Using your dryer at low heat settings will consume less electricity.

Contrary to popular belief, dryers use more energy at high, even though you use them for a few minutes at full speed.

Which dryer is more energy efficient?

Haier HD90-A2979R Freestanding is the most energy-efficient dryer available in the UK. It consumes 2.36 kWh of energy per cycle.

Wrapping It Up!

Tumble dryers are the need in every house. In a nutshell usage of eco-friendly wet appliances can lower your bill by about 20%.

Vented dryers are heavier and more expensive to buy. But, overall they use less electricity compared to the condenser.

While buying a new dryer, always keep the size of your family. Remember the best-rated appliance may seem a little expensive while buying but they save you a lot of fuss and hefty monthly bills.

Mr. Grey is the tech geek of our company. Everyone loves to consult him before any project. With 10 years of experience, he knows all ins and outs of the UK energy cap. He is a true workaholic who also entertains us with his singing skills.

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