How Much Electricity Does Alexa Use

Since its first release in 2014, Alexa has become a part of every home. According to insider intelligence research, more than 68% of the UK’s smart appliance users have Amazon Echo.

Using Alexa is pretty simple. All you need to do is “voice command”. And within seconds, it plays the songs or shows you the results.

How Much Electricity Does Alexa Use
How Much Electricity Does Alexa Use

But, do you ever wonder how much electricity Alexa uses? The speaker is connected to electricity 24/7. Does it add up a lot to your monthly bills? 

Well, if you are searching for these answers, here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

Alexa consumes 0.134 watts of energy at low power mode. As per the current 0.34p energy prices per kWh in the UK, it costs less than 1 pence to use it per hour. It will cost you over £8 per year.

But do all echo devices use such low electricity? Or does the new Gen consume more power? Well, to answer all your questions, our technical team has done detailed research to guide you properly.

What Is The Difference Between Echo And Alexa?

There is no difference between Echo and Alexa. Both are the same. Alexa is the virtual assistant (voice), while the echo is the speaker.

What Is The Difference Between Echo And Alexa
What Is The Difference Between Echo And Alexa

Many people got confused between both. But in a nutshell, both are different sides of the same coin.

Alexa Power Consumption

Overall, Alexa uses a very minimal amount of electricity. As per the current energy cap price, It will never cost you over £1 per month. Have a quick look at its detailed power consumption chart.

DeviceStand ByMode In Use 
Echo Dot1.40 watts2.04 watts 
1st-Gen Echo2.93 watts3.5 watts
2nd-Gen Echo1.94 watts3.4 watts
Echo Plus2.5 watts4.5 watts 
Echo Spot1.8 watts3.2 watts
  • The Echo uses less power on the standby mode and more while you use it.
  • On average, the used watts increase up to 60% more while you play your favourite songs.
  • If you use it for 2 hours a day, then the max it will cost you is 3p per day.

How Much Electricity Does Echo Show Use?

Many people assume that an echo show may use a lot of power. But, contrary to popular belief, it is quite eco-friendly.

How Much Electricity Does Echo Show Use
How Much Electricity Does Echo Show Use

Echo shows consume a maximum of 3.5 watts at their fullest brightness and capacity.  This sums up to under 1p per hour.

Echo Show 5 Power Consumption

Currently, I own an Amazon Echo 5. To be honest, I was also a bit worried since I use it a lot. Here’s how much power it consumes.

Echo 5 ModeMin SettingsAuto SettingsHigh Settings
Idle2 watts2.5 Watts3.5 Watts
In Use3.5 Watts4.5 Watts5 Watts

Even though Amazon Echo 5 has a punchy speaker. But still, at the highest settings, it uses 5 watts. Using it 24/7 will add up to a maximum fraction of £1.

Echo Dot Power Consumption

Alexa Echo Dot is the most widely used device. Most people own it. So in case you are worried about the echo dot power, have a quick look at the statistics:

ModePower UsageAverage Cost
Off Mode0.16 watts -0.18 watts1p
Standby (Microphone on)1.4 watts – 1.5 watts1.5p
Sleep Mode2.04 watts – 2.7 watts2p

What About The Home Appliance With Alexa Compatibility

Nowadays many energy efficient washers and other home appliances do come with Alexa compatibility. The role of Alexa is very minimal in such appliances. So, their high power consumption has nothing to do with it.

How Much Electricity Does Alexa Use FAQs

How Much Does Alexa Cost A Month?

Alexa doesn’t have any monthly subscription fee. But using it will cost you under £1 per month as an electricity bill.

Can Alexa Work Without Internet?

To access all its features of it, you need a working and stable internet connection. Without the internet, it won’t work.

How Much Energy Does Alexa Use?

Alexa only uses about 2 watts of energy per hour. If you use it with the biggest possible speaker, then it will consume a maximum of 5 watts, which sums up to 2p per hour.

Does Echo Dot Need To Be Plugged In?

Echo dot doesn’t have any battery installed. So, you need to plug it into the power outlet continuously.

Does Alexa Need To Be Plugged In All The Time?

Yes, it needed to be plugged in all the time. Even when you are not using it, keep it connected to the internet and power outlet.

Should I Unplug Alexa At Night?

No, you should not unplug your Amazon echo at night. While at stand mode, it consumes very less power and costs a little, under 1p.

If I Unplug Alexa, Will It Reset?

No, if you accidentally unplug Alexa or Echo, it won’t reset. It will simply boot up again when you plug it in again.

Wrapping It Up!

Alexa doesn’t use a lot of electricity. It might be the only electric home appliance that consumes a maximum of 2.5 watts of energy.

You can play your favourite songs or solve mysterious puzzles using your voice command 24/7, still, you will be paying £8 per year.

We hope that we were able to help you. Well in the meantime keep on using it to the fullest and fulfilling your dreams.

Mr. Grey is the tech geek of our company. Everyone loves to consult him before any project. With 10 years of experience, he knows all ins and outs of the UK energy cap. He is a true workaholic who also entertains us with his singing skills.

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