Cost To Rewire A House

Over 8000 home fires are reported each year in the UK due to wiring faults or poor wiring. That’s why it is best to rewire your house after every 15-20 years.

You might be thinking now, how much does it cost to rewire a house? Well, here’s a quick answer to that:

On average, it cost anywhere between £4500 – £6000 to rewire a 3-bedroom house. If you opt for rewriting a house in stages then the cost will increase to £7000, due to labour costs. Usually, you need around £1500 – £1700 to rewire a single room.


Pretty simple, Right? Well, I wish I can say that. But after spending 20 years as an electrician, I can assure you that this is not the case.

There are many things that can add to or reduce the cost to rewire a house. So, keep on reading for all the essential information.

Average Cost To Rewire A House – The Big Debate!


The problem with the cost estimator is that one size doesn’t fit all. Each home is built differently and there is no fixed price. Here’re four factors affecting the actual cost:

  • The Size Of House
  • Property Layout
  • Your Location
  • Labour Expertise

Practically, the bigger the house, the more you have to pay. But the property layout style can also add up to around 20%. Labour in main city centres is also expensive compared to the small town.
After considering each factor thoroughly, here are my estimates:

Unit SizeAverage CostLabour CostJob Time
Kitchen£700 – £860£3805 – 7 hours
Bathroom£380 – £500£2502 hours
Living Room£380 – £500£380 5 – 7 hours
Garage£500 – £860£3003 – 5 hours
Studio Apartment£1500 – £1600£4501 day
1-Bed House£1500 – £1800£5002 days
2-Bed House £2000 – £3500£700 – £10003 days
3-Bed House£4500 – £6000£1000 – £15003 -4 days
4-Bed House £6500 – £7000£1200 – £1800 4 – 5 days

Additional Cost: If your home is too old or has wiring in bad condition. Then, you might have to pay an additional £1000 – £1200 for extra fitting and sensor wiring. If you’ve got a faulty consumer unit, you’ll have to pay an additional £500 – £675 as consumer unit replacement cost.

Rewiring V/S Semi Rewire – What You Must Know

Sometimes, you only need to “rewire a certain part of wall” which is called semi-rewire. Usually, it is less expensive but not as durable as rewiring.


The best option is to at least rewire a whole room if you find any single fault in a certain part.

3-Bed Semi Rewire Cost

For a 3-bed semi-rewire, you’ll have to pay anywhere between £2800 – £4000. Though this involves less work, labour costs will add up as technicians have to check in detail to rewire a specific part.

Cost to rewire 3-bed house: £4500 to £6000 with maximum £1500 as labour fee.
cost to semi-rewire 3-bed house: On average you have to pay £3000 with an additional £2000 to £2500 as labour fee.

In the end, you’ll end up paying almost the same amount. So what’s the catch? Well, certainly, there is none.

If you choose to rewire your 3-bedroom home, you’re good to go for at least 20-25 years. While the problem with semi-rewires is that you never know when you need to rewire again.

When To Rewire A House?

There are five major signs that scream aloud that you need to change the wring. If you notice any single one, consider rewiring your home as soon as possible.

  • Your consumer unit trips out regularly.
  • There is a crackling or buzzing noise coming from sockets.
  • Your bulbs flicker often.
  • There’s a constant burning smell.
  • Plugs get hot very soon.

Apart from it, sometime you’ll notice a black rubber or fibre building on your electric wiring.

What Does Rewiring A House Involve?


To determine the actual home rewiring cost, you must know the whole process. Here’s the whole process flow:

  • Removing old cables from walls and floor.
  • Installing new cables and fitting new consumer units.
  • Rewiring power and circuit units.

Usually, electricians also fit CCTV cameras, and speakers and install burglar alarms on demand during the fitting.

Can You Rewire A House In Stages?

Yes, you can rewire a house in stages. But it will add up to around 25% extra to the rewiring cost. Brits prefer to choose it because it is a great way to continue living on the property while the work is carried out.

Generally speaking, for labour and electrician it is nothing less than a nightmare. You have restrictions and this adds up to delays in the workflow.

Though you can choose to rewire in stages. But being a professional electrician I recommend to avoid it. You may save some money by not moving out, but then you’ll have to pay more money in labour costs.

Cost To Rewire A House FAQs

How much to rewire a 3 bed house?

The cost to rewire a 3 bed house is £4500 to £6000 with an additional £1200 as labour cost. The average cost to rewire a 3 bed bungalow is anywhere between £5000 to £6500.

How long does it take to rewire a house?

It mainly depends on the size and layout of your property. For a 2-bed house minimum, 3 days are required. For a 3-bed house, 4 days are enough. While for a 4-bed bungalow, 5-6 days are required.

How much to rewire a kitchen?

For a full kitchen rewiring, you must have a budget of £800 to £1000 for cables, new sockets, and other materials. While you also have to pay a minimum of £350 as a labour fee. So, you’ll need £1500 – £1700 for the complete project.

How much does it cost to rewire a bathroom?

You’ll need £380 – £500 to rewrite a bathroom. Mainly, it depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. You’ll also have to pay £250 as a labour fee.

Wrapping It Up!

In the UK, mainly there are three options when it comes to rewiring a house, i.e. full rewiring, semi-rewire, and stage rewiring.

Overall, the average cost for a 3-bed home is £4500 to £6000 without labour fees. As a labour cost, you’ll have to pay £1200 – 1500. So, this sums up around £5700 to £7500.

Though you can save a few bucks, if you opt for semi-rewiring but it is not worth off. Eventually, you’ll need to rewire your house completely.

Mr. Grey is the tech geek of our company. Everyone loves to consult him before any project. With 10 years of experience, he knows all ins and outs of the UK energy cap. He is a true workaholic who also entertains us with his singing skills.

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